Acknowledging Sponsors

Without the supprt of sponsors we would not be able to host a free event such as MediaCamp.

The Venue is the most important part of organizaing a BarCamp, without it you just cant start planning anything else.   You are not dealing with the companies but people behind them. The people from Microsoft Hellas are very friendly and extremely helpfull. Lydia Morazzani from Microsot has always been available to answer all the questions we may have and she was also available  to help us.

When we announced our Budget we got lots of reactions, but we also got the response we were looking for in the community. This is a event that belongs to the community, and the organization should be open to the community.   Twitter is a very powerfull communication tool, and we don’t want to use it as our RSS feed for our updates. We asked a question and  addressed it to anyone reading our updates, “Does anyone have a 3G router”.  Stlelios Koroneos responded that he was willing to provide us with his 3G router, additional access points etc. This tweet apparently brought enough reactions, that we eventually reallized we will have two ADSL lines on premise.  Stelios Koroneos also offered catering for the event, but we really don’t believe that one person should be giving everything on his / her own.  Nick Anagnoustou had contacted Panos Zamanis of Galaxy Events Catering . Panos was very interested in event since he is also attending, and was excited he could help us!

Finally, we would like to thank the guys from for offering us extended video length for uploads, since Youtube is limited to 10 minutes. DailyMotion & were so cool, they are covering the costs for the t-shirts we have ordered for MediaCamp!

You can find the detailed Sponsor information here

We would like to also thank everyone who has worked behind the scenes and we haven’t met you yet, because without you nothing would work!


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