Live Photo Coverage – How we did it

What you need:

1. A Wireless Network
2. A Eye-Fi card
3. A digital camera
4. A blog
5. A Flickr Account
6. Slideflickr.Com
7. The plugin

First you need to setup your Eye-fi card on the wireless network

You will then set your online photo service to Flickr on the Eye-fi manager

To give the live feeling, you will need to embed a sideshow on your blog.

We used Slideflickr by stelabouras.

WordPress.Com doesn’t allow you to simply embed flash files, so you need to use the plugin
to embed the flash file on your blog.

We also set the photo size on our digital camera to VGA. The photos are for live coverage and not for print. If you have a very
fast internet connection this may not be a issue, but we were limited to 256k upload and did not want to
take up all the bandwidth.

That’s all!

Enjoy live photos


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