Half Baked session

One of my sessions at MediaCampAthens last weekend was called “Half Baked”. Inspired by the founder himself – Amit Gupta along with Dave McClure, Paul Rademacher, and James Levine I wanted to bring this unique ice-braker/team building activity to this barcamp as well.

Here is how this interactive session rolled out:

  • The audience shouted out 25-30 random words, in Greek, English and Greeklish which we put up on the big screen.
  • Campers split up into teams of five, and each team picked two words which in the end was to become their company/business name.
  • The teams had 15-20 minutes to implement a business (name, logo, product, revenue model, marketing plan, platform of delivery and a tagline)
  • Afterwards each team had five minutes to pitch the business idea to Crystal & Vassili. The audience also took part in asking questions and provided advice.
  • After all pitches, the judges picked a winner.

About 30 people partook in the session and I know many more wanted to be there yet the session did take place rather late int he day., and had to go about a half hour over because more people than I’d expected wanted to play.

Check some of the creative business ideas that popped up through this fun sessions here.

Video HERE (Sorry couldn’t embed them properly in WordPress). Thanks to Niko Anagnostou!

I have to say that – everyone had smiles on their faces and loved the challenge of working with “strangers” and blending their experiences and idea from various backgrounds.

My personal advice – make sure “Half Baked” takes place earlier in the day at the camp – before lunch break is a good time in my opinion.

Thanks for making Half Baked an awesome event!



2 responses to “Half Baked session

  1. This sounds wonderful, Crystal! So glad to hear it went well! 🙂

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Been.

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